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Jesus is Master of the Wind
How Do You Receive? - The Power Of Prayer
Matthew 21:22 (King James Version)

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.
Peter is walking on the water and he turns to look at the wind and the sea, suddenly he starts to sink. It wasnít because he looked at the wind that caused him to start sinking. It was what he thought about the wind and the sea that caused him to sink.
His faith faltered because he allowed fear and doubt to come into his mind. Jesus asks him, where did you doubt?
We need to keep our minds believing on what Jesus says and that alone will get us through. We canít produce healing but, our faith in the Great Healer, Jesus, will produce healing.
Jesus said, whatsoever you ask in my name, you can have. Only believe.
A man brought his son to Jesus because the disciples could not cast out the evil spirit. When the disciples ask Jesus why they could not cast out the evil spirit, Jesus said, because of your unbelief.
How many of you have ever bought a car? You hunt for the right one and finally you pick it out. Itís just what you want, just what you need. You go in the office and tell them which car you want. You start to negotiate a deal for that car. You come to an agreement. A price is settled on. The terms of payment is discussed and agreed upon. Finally the papers are signed and you are now the proud owner of this new car.
But, you canít pick it up right now. It must be serviced and then go to the detail shop. It has to be tuned up and made in perfect running order. Then they are going to get that car cleaned up so that it will look the best that it possibly can look.
You see the car company does not want you to receive a car that spits and sputters when you are going down to road. They donít want to give you a car that's not clean. They want that car sparkling clean and smelling good.
They want that car in tip top shape when you take possession of the vehicle. When other people see you in that beautiful new car, all cleaned up and shiny, it will make them look good.
Now you have a brand new car. Youíre so proud and you are excited, you canít wait to go pick it up to show all your friends. You tell your friends about the new car you just bought and about the good deal you made on the price.
Let me ask you something, how many of you upon waking up the next morning and looking outside and not seeing that car in your driveway, would go back up to that car dealer and start trying to renegotiate for that car again?
None of you would do something like that because you know that the car is yours. The ink is on the paper. A bargain has been struck and the deal is over. Itís been finalized.
You would not because you know that the car is already yours and you just need to wait a little while and it will be in your possession.
Itís the very same way with healing or anything else that you may ask from GOD. You have a need. you find the scripture that promises that that need can be met. You go to GOD in prayer stating your need. You ask GOD to fill that need and Jesus says to us, I have paid for you to have that need met.
The contract has been drawn up. The price has been agreed upon. All the terms of the agreement have been laid out. The payment has been made. A covenant has been made. It is finished. Your needs have been met, itís yours.
I ask you, do you need to go back and renegotiate for your need if such a high price has been paid for your need? I tell you, no! Itís yours. Once and for all, itís yours. Now just wait and that need will be in your possession.
If faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word of God, where does unbelief come from? It comes from hearing things of the world.
You might say how does watching the news cause unbelief to rise up and grow in me? Well when you hear about a new cancer cure or a new drug the devil tries to steer your thinking away from the healing power of God. He wants you to think that prayer doesnít work. He wants you to believe you can always get these new treatments or new drugs to try to promote your healing. All healing is from God, not some drug or treatment.
Youíre watching the news and you see killings or terrible accidents. This causes thoughts to enter your mind, this could happen to me. You become afraid. Fear enters the scene. What about Godís protection that you were claiming yesterday? What are you saying? God can no longer protect you!
Yes, everything the carnal world has to offer can cause fear, doubt and unbelief. All Peter did was look at the wind and sea that was in turmoil and the fear and unbelief entered his mind.
The Word says we must take every thought captive. Peterís thoughts while looking at the wind and the sea cause him to loose the miracle of walking on the water. But, thank God he turned back to Jesus and Jesus took his hand and pulled him back on top of the water. Then they walked together back to the boat. Jesus was not carrying Peter. Peter walked on the water on his own. The wind and sea were still around them, but now his eyes were focused on Jesus and not on the wind and the sea. His eyes were on the promise of Jesus.
walk on the water. I now give you Peter the authority to walk on the water, also. What happened when Peter looked at the wind and the sea with all the turmoil, the wind and sea gained more authority than the Wordís of Jesus, in the mind of Peter.
When Peter looked back at Jesus for help, he refocused his mind on the creator. The Wordís of Jesus regained itís authority in Peterís mind. There was a complete reversal. Praise God.
No matter how much we have missed it. No matter how many times we have gotten it wrong. We prayed and our prayers did not seem to produce results. What had authority in our minds? But, thank God, if we refocus on Jesus and His Word we can have victory.
Jesus said we need to renew our minds. Take every thought captive. When your mind is renewed to the complete absolute authority of God and His Word, your mouth will speak and mountains will move.
There are no secrets in Godís kingdom. God revealed to me that when a person is born again there is a shift of authorization in that personís mind. There is a complete reversal. The kingdom of darkness is not only pushed back, it is totally destroyed. Praise God.
When the Word of God comes into contact with the kingdom of darkness, the Word totally destroys it. The Word does not just push it back, the Word totally and completely destroys it. We must keep the Word in our mind so we can have victory.
When a person gets emotionally healed from past hurts and they are set free to serve God, there is a complete reversal in their mind. When a person is healed from some disease or some affliction, there is a complete reversal in their mind which causes a reversal in the condition of their body. Their health improves; it changes from bad to good. There is a complete reversal.
The Word of God destroys the works of the devil and there is a Devine complete reversal.
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